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$5 USD

A 12-in-1 Coffee mix of medicinal herbs that will change the way you taste coffee. Blended chosen herbs and fruits that will boost your energy and give you lots of nutrients for your daily activities. A coffee that is healthy for you. BE HEALTHY. BE ORGANIC. DRINK SUPER.


Powerful Atioxidant | Anti-Inflammatory | Cancer Prevention | | Anti-Obesity | Anti-Diabetes | Anti-Hypertension | Heart Desease Prevention | Ant-Aging | Cellular Repair | Mood Enhancer | Stronger Immune System | Libido Improvement | Increases Fertility | Strong Bone | Energy Booster | Reduces Premenstrual Symptoms | Avert Alzheimer's Disease | Fights Gum Disease | Cures Stomach Disorders | Prevents UTI | Migraine Relief | Memory Enhancer | Fights Arsenic Toxicity | Reduces Blood Sugar | and MORE


High-Grade Coffee Beans | Non-Dairy Creamer | Stevia | Purple Corn Extract | Moringa Extract | Mangosteen Extract | Spirulina Extract | Agaricus Blaze Murill Extract | Ginseng extract | Maca | Grapeseed Extract | Ginko Biloba

One Opti Herbal Coffee

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